Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Residential Roofing Contractor

In this blog, we’ll discuss what homeowners should look out for when hiring a contractor roofing projects.

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When your home needs a new roof, working with a reliable contractor is crucial. Doing so will help ensure quality craftsmanship and superior protection for your home.

If you’re currently searching for the right roofing contractor, keep reading to learn more about the key factors to look for.

Licensing & Certifications

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Fortunately, in Michigan, roofing contractors are required to be licensed. As a homeowner, you should never work with any contractor who doesn’t hold a currently valid occupational license. When you work with a state-licensed contractor, you will know that they:

  • Has proven knowledge of current roofing best practices.
  • Is covered with state-mandated insurance protection.
  • Has high quality standards.
  • Prioritizes safety on the worksite.

And although it’s not required, some roofing contractors are accredited by product manufacturers, meaning they have specialty knowledge in working with specific product lines, like Owens Corning, GAF, or CertainTeed. This might be relevant if you prefer a certain brand or style of roofing materials.

Experience & Reputation

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Hiring a company with experience in the specific roofing subdisciplines you need is also important. For example, some companies are better suited for steep-pitched, high-altitude projects than for single-story, low-sloped roofs.

If your home’s roofing system has a lot of step flashing, apron flashing, chimney flashing, or other types of flashing, it’s smart to find a contractor with extensive metal working experience.

Of course, it’s also crucial to research your short list of roofing contractors. An established, experienced residential roofer should have an appreciable amount of online reviews, references, and testimonials. And, like other businesspeople, successful roofers will be happy to provide you with links to these informative, helpful resources!

Insurance & Warranties

You want to work with a roofing contractor who’s fully insured. That way, you won’t have to worry about incurring any expenses associated with worker injuries or damage to your home or property. Talk to your roofer about insurance coverage in detail before ever signing your contract, and always ask for clarification on anything in the contract before you sign it.

You also need to understand the warranty or guarantee coverage that will go into effect after the project’s completion. Your contractor should clearly explain to you all applicable coverage types you have in place, including:

  • Workmanship warranties or guarantees that ensure the work was performed correctly.
  • Manufacturers warranties that cover possible defects in the materials used.
  • Extended (transferable) warranties or guarantees that provide coverage in excess of other warranties.

As a homeowner, it’s always important to understand your warranty protection, including the types in effect and their coverage limits, term lengths, and exclusions. For example, some homeowners may choose a contractor because they offer an extended warranty, but an extended warranty isn’t necessarily better than a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, warranties can often be misleading—always ask for details before you jump to conclusions and clarification if you don’t understand the warranty.


You should always work with a roofing contractor committed to being open and transparent about their quotes and contracts. True professionals have nothing to hide and everything to gain by assisting their customers as comprehensively as possible.

Additionally, your contractor should be open about whether they will pull the permit or if you need to. Many cities in Southeast Michigan require permits. Unless you have a personal reason for wanting to do so, it’s better for the contractor to pull the permit for a job because then the contractor is liable for the work. If you pull the permit, you are liable for the work.

You also want to work with a contractor who communicates openly and is concerned about ensuring you know the nuances of the project, how it will progress, and what you can expect along the way.

Quality Standards & Guarantees

As basic as it seems, it’s imperative to work with a residential roofing contractor that offers a guarantee on their services. Expert roofers are proud of their work and will be happy to deliver quality workmanship that coincides with or exceeds the warranty coverage on the materials. Talk with the contractor you’re considering hiring, and ask what they specifically do to ensure the highest-quality results.

Financing & Cost-Effective Solutions

Lastly, find a professional residential roofing contractor that offers cost-effective solutions and flexible financing options. You shouldn’t be expected to come up with a large sum of cash to pay for the entire project. When you work with an established, qualified roofing company, and if your credit is approved, you can have your home’s new roof financed on convenient monthly payments that fit your budget.

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