Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams can lead to roof leaks and prevent proper drainage in your gutter systems. L&S will come out to your home in the depths of winter and clear these blockages so you can have peace of mind all season long.
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Removal Process

Our ice dam removal process is thorough and safe, utilizing specialized equipment to gently remove ice without damaging your roof. We assess the extent of the dam, strategically apply steam to melt the ice, and carefully remove the buildup, ensuring your roof remains intact and undamaged. Things to keep in mind:
  • Ice dam removal is a 2-man, 2-hour minimum service. If the project is completed before the 2-hour minimum, our crews will shovel your driveway and sidewalk in the remaining time.
  • This service requires access to water and for someone to be home for the duration.
  • L&S is the only company in the area that owns an Arctic Steam Machine for ice dam removal. This machine gently melts the ice dam to avoid damaging the eave of the roof.
  • DO NOT use chisels, hammers, or chemicals to remove ice dams—these methods can damage your roof and compromise its ability to repel water.

Our Gutter Services

In addition to ice dam removal, we offer comprehensive gutter maintenance services to prevent future ice dam formation and ensure your gutter system functions optimally year-round.

Service Area

We are dedicated to serving the homeowners in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties, MI, with reliable ice dam removal services to protect your home during the winter months.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your trust in our services is paramount. We guarantee satisfaction with a commitment to delivering safe, effective ice dam removal and excellent customer service.

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