Why We Use the Catch-All During Roof Replacements

Learn more about The Catch-All protection system and why L&S Home Improvements uses it during roof replacement and installation projects.

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A roof replacement increases your home’s value, improves energy efficiency, upgrades curb appeal, lowers insurance premiums, and gives your home that all-important refresh. However, long after the job is finished, homeowners sometimes find damaged shrubs, flowers, dead grass, and debris, like leftover nails, which is unacceptable. That’s why L&S Home Improvements uses The Catch-All.

What Is the Catch-All?

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The Catch-All is a lightweight, weather-resistant protection system that easily replaces old-school OSB (or plywood) and tarp. Its primary purpose is to protect the property during a roof replacement or installation.

Unfortunately, some contractors downplay the damage they leave behind. It’s not just about having dead or burnt grass from tarps. It’s not just about potential damage to your gutters. It’s about the leftover roofing nails, staples, screws, and brackets that aren’t easily spotted. This debris is easily hidden deep within your grass and represents a serious hazard.

This problem is exacerbated when contractors use old tarps alongside large plywood planks or OSB. They’ll often place the OSB or plywood against your house’s exterior, allowing nails, staples, and other dangerous fasteners to fall behind or between the wood. They then place tarps on your grass, allowing this debris to fall between the gaps in the tarps.

With The Catch-All, these issues aren’t a concern.

Primary Components of the Catch-All

Chute Nets

The Catch-All’s chute nets protect the shrubbery and landscaping around your home’s exterior. They’re held in place by twelve-foot expandable support poles, ensuring debris like old shingles, nails, screws, and wood is directed toward meshed ground nets.

Reinforced Ground Nets

Unlike nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene tarps that kill grass, The Catch-All ground nets are made of a woven polymer. This see-through, mesh netting allows for better airflow, which will prevent your grass from burning during hot summer days, and because they’re reinforced, the wind won’t blow them away. These high-strength, no-slip ground nets also have excellent tear-resistant properties, ensuring the safety of all who walk on them.

Gutter & Nail Catch Protectors

It’s common for gutters to be damaged by the impact of ladders and workers going up and down. We use The Catch-All’s gutter protectors to ensure minimal impact. We also focus on a safe and final end-of-job cleanup with The Catch-All’s nail catch filters. These bags are placed on the downspout of your gutters. At the end of a job, we wash your gutters to ensure the filters catch all debris.


Improved Safety

We know that safety is as important for you as it is for our fully certified roofing team. The Catch-All helps prevent slips and falls for our crew and ensures no dangerous debris, like nails, is left behind on your property.

Cost Savings

Nothing is more frustrating or costly than replacing shrubbery, flowers, and other landscaping or running over a nail left on the driveway with your car simply because your contractor failed to take a couple of extra precautions. We use The Catch-All because it helps protect your most important investment—your property.

Quicker Setup & Shorter Project Timeline

The Catch-All system ensures a quicker setup and faster overall project timeline. We’re not wasting valuable time repositioning cumbersome tarps or having to leave the job site to replace warped OSB or plywood. The Catch-All system is installed and taken down once each time, ensuring more of our time is devoted to doing the best job possible.

Cleaner Job Site

A cleaner job site makes a difference. A professional, cleaner job site shows the investment you’ve made in having a quality contractor do your roof replacement. A haphazard or unclean job site, with ugly tarps, warped plywood, and debris strewn about, doesn’t look great, is a mess to navigate, and often results in debris being left behind after the job has long been done. With The Catch-All, once the job is complete, all we have to do is funnel the leftover debris into a dumpster, and that’s it! You’ll have a new roof and a clean lawn.

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At L&S Home Improvements, we’re committed to your experience. That means we get the job done on time and always provide excellent service at a fair price. When you hire us for your roof replacement or installation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property will be thoroughly protected every step of the way. We’re proud of the customer relationships we’ve built and maintained. It’s why we’ve received so many favorable reviews and why much of our work comes from referrals.

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